Chronograph watches are a stylish but functional piece of wristwear. Not only do they tell the time, look great but also offer other features such as a stopwatch, water resistance, tachymeter and more. They are best suited for business-casual or casual outfits as they are not very formal watches, but can be paired with a sharp suit and some cool wristwear like Fossil watches for an excellent look. Having one in your collection is a very versatile decision as you will be able to improve many ensembles with it. This list is for any gentlemen that are interested in getting one of these great watches.

Men’s Tissot T-Race Chronograph Silicone Strap Watch.
When you have a need for speed and have to employ accurate timekeeping in multiple increments, this zippy chronograph watch handles all your racing functions. The Swiss-crafted design boasts a rugged case with bold colours and easy-to-read details and pairs nicely with silicone straps that smoothly contour the wrist for a comfortable fit.

Nixon ‘The 48-20’ Chronograph Watch.
An industrial-sized bracelet watch makes a statement with a prominent profile forged from finely brushed stainless steel. The rotating bezel frames a slick black dial that displays the date and chronograph time to 1/20th of a second.

Men’s Emporio Armani Large Round Chronograph Watch.
Clean lines and a large black dial give bold, modern appeal to a dual-finished bracelet watch displaying three chronograph eyes and a date function.

Men’s Diesel ‘Mr. Daddy 2.0’ Chronograph Watch.
A gigantic, statement-making watch boasts analogue time for four time zones. A screwed-down strap completes the industrial design.

Men’s Fossil ‘Machine’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch.
A knurled top ring adds cool texture to a chronograph watch handsomely encased in brushed ion-plated steel.

Movado ‘Edge’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch.
Movado has teamed with renowned industrial designer Yves Behar to craft a chronograph watch featuring a three-eye blackout dial with cleanly sculpted edges and a signature Museum dot marking 12 o’clock. A brushed single-link bracelet completes the modern look.

Boss ‘Jet Sport’ Chronograph Leather Strap Watch.
Bright blue hands add a spark of colour to an elegant chronograph watch designed with dual 60-second sub dials, sleek stick indexes and finished with a supple croc-embossed leather strap.

Jack Mason Aviation Chronograph Leather Strap Watch.
This sturdy chronograph watch features a signature striped second hand sweeping over a classic aviator dial inspired by the instrument gauges of an aircraft. A dyed leather strap makes a ruggedly handsome finish and is furnished with a quick release for easy swapping.