Must Know Things before Buying Medicines Online

Medications aren’t easygoing buys. You have to take all important things in to consideration and realize which medication you are actually buying. Canadian Pharmacy expects you to carry a Prescription at the time of purchasing of medications and other in store Products purchasing as well.

Why do you need to show Prescription before purchasing medicines?

You must obtain a Prescription from your consulting doctor because it is the only legal way to purchase online & offline medicines in Canada.  There are many other reasons that you should carry prescription, some of them are.

Medications are addictive. This may make you take a medication at whatever point you believe you have a medical problem. A solution will confine you from acquiring drugs as and when you like. Thus helping you in becoming an addict and over depending on the drugs for every small health problem.

In Canada, we as a whole have a tendency for ingesting certain medications without counseling a specialist doctor. It is a poor habit and can be costly as well. Try not to do that.

Taking medicines always without consultation with specialist doctor lead to a state called Antibiotic Resistance. You would prefer not to go that far, trust us!

What are the conditions which makes for a Prescription legal?

A Legal Prescription in Canada should contain following details: –

Complete Information about the Doctor

  • The Complete Name of the doctor, His Qualification and the Registration Number.
  • Doctor’s Signature and Authorities Stamp & Seal.
  • The date of Consultation: The date when you visited & consulted the Doctor.

Complete Details about the Patient

  • Patient Name
  • Patient Gender
  • Weight & Blood pressure at the time of consultation
  • Age (or) Date of Birth

Details about the Medicine

  • Previous History of Disease
  • Medicine’s Name and Dosage
  • The Directions of Use of Medicine
  • Frequency of dosage and the duration for which the Medicine has to be used

What happens if you Purchase and Use Drugs without a Prescription?

It is illegal in Canada to sell Drugs without a Valid Prescription from a qualified doctor. But, there are many medical stores which do sell. Canada Pharmacy always requires you to have a valid Prescription while purchasing medicines and Drugs online as well as in our stores. If you do not purchase medicines as per doctor prescription and start consuming medicines by yourself , then you are subject to a lot of risks: –

Risks in having drugs without Doctor Consultation

If you have drug allergy, then Drug will react differently with your body

If you take drug frequently, your body will become Antibiotic Resistance.

Frequent consumption will lead towards addiction of that drug.

Doctor prescription is very useful and it is given with a purpose. That’s why it is very important that we must have a prescription before purchasing a Drug. By following this habit you can stay healthy & happy. If there are medical stores in your areas which do sell drugs without any prescriptions, you should let the concern authorities. This will lead towards a better health systems for all the people.