Dwayne Rettinger’s investors group very clearly highlight the mistakes of leadership. And if you are one thinking about leading a team or a community, then this is going to really informative, so keep reading till the end.

Leadership is not all about superiority, but it is actually about the big responsibilities that come on the shoulders of a leader. There are many big mistakes that leaders mostly make while leading a team. So Dwayne Rettinger investors are here to clear all the queries and help you out in decreasing the mistakes that you are making as a leader.

Deep emotional connection

Most of the leaders think that only assigning the task to every member of the team is enough for the success of the project. But according to the thought of Dwayne Rettinger, it is very crucial to develop a deep emotional connection with the people with whom you are working. Leaders should have the quality to understand the temperament and the working capability of all the members so that a project you are working on should proceed in a smooth manner.

There should exist a deep bond between the members, and they also should complement their intellectuals in the best way. It does not matter with which age group of people you are working with, or they are your friends, colleagues, or customers. You should be cooperative and humble at the same time and should manage all the things effectively. So a leader should connect with all the people in the best way.

Being approachable as a leader

Most of the leaders do not connect with their people and are also inaccessible. There is no doubt that there are big responsibilities and much more important things to manage. They do not have enough time to meet and interact with people. This really can have a negative impact on one’s leadership abilities.

The leader should take courage to meet the members, and the people should also feel free to contact their leader anytime. This also enhances the confidence of the entire community you are leading, and also they share all the problems or queries without any fear or hesitation. So Dwayne Rettinger makes us understand the importance of being available and approachable for a leader.

Leader’s misunderstanding his role.

Some leaders also forget the actual role that they have to play in their leadership. This is also a big disaster for the leader, its people, and mainly for the project that they all are working on. So a leader should focus on all the necessary skills that he requires in it.

Only achieving perfection

Some leaders also think that making the team win all the time and learning nothing is completely fine. This thing sometimes let Morales of your people down, making a negative impact.


Hence we can say that if a leader is still doing all that stuff, then he is nothing but a failure. A good leader should avoid all these mistakes and should walk with his people parallel. This can makes him a great leader.

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