Website Details for Techvision Accountants

Before you decide to hire a website designer, it’s important to know what features your website will need. This article provides an overview of the most important features that should be included on your website to attract potential site visitors.

How to contact Techvision Accountants

You can contact Techvision Accountants by phone, email or online. If you would like to contact the company, please call 02036928956 or send an email to and remember that this email should be treated as strictly confidential and that all communications are read by a third party for security purposes. Website names are also thought of as a Domain Name. A Domain Name is the part of your website that is unique to your company and it’s associated with the IP address. A website’s domain name has two parts: a name and a number. The domain name is the address of someone’s website. For example, the domain name for Techvision Accountants is

What are website servers?

The website server is the computer that powers your website. It provides an internet connection to the internet and a database to store your website’s files. The server then sends out these files to other computers on the internet. A ภพ 20 website server is intelligently designed software that enables users to view a web site as well as all its associated components. There are various types of servers, some dedicated and others shared that can provide a secure and stable connection to a web site. A DNS Resource Record is a data string that provides information about an Internet domain name. This data is stored in the Domain Name System (DNS) and can be used to provide website or IP address information. DNS Resource Records (RR) are the fundamental building blocks of a domain name. They are text strings that identify the record type, name and where to find the zone data for a specific zone on a system like your laptop or server. An IP address is a number that identifies the server location of a website but to know what an IP address looks like, we must look at it in binary. An IP address has four numbers, each separated by a period. The first digit is the network ID, and the last three digits are the IP addresses of the individual devices connected to that network. An IP address is a unique identification number allocated to each device connected to the internet. This allows computers and servers around the world to be uniquely identified on the internet.