Actionable Strategies Revealed, Learn How To Build Your Social Media Customer Base!

The internet has completely changed how business does business, regardless of it’s size or kind. Marketing is predominately more effective than selling. It is becoming less common to hear “marketing and sales” in the same sentence any more. Have you spent countless hours:

Calling friends and family? Hosting (or attempting to host) Home Parties? Trying Social Media, only to be “shunned” by your “friends”? Wanting to help people, but only end up isolating yourself? The door to door salesman with brush or vacuum in hand is mostly a thing of the past. Ads are still seen on TV, but we have been accustomed to tune them out (unless it is the Superbowl of course). Internet marketing is essential for any business to be successful today. Success of your on-line business is truly based on proper training, especially when utilizing Social Media. Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills will you give you the edge over your competitors. There are several training sources on line to choose from and some really excellent books. One book is called, “Jab Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynurchuk. I wish I had read that FIRST before launching my Facebook page. Still tweaking that one slowly to “undo” the damage I did un-intentionally. Social Marketing is a pretty big avenue to delve into. It is can be very fickle and really must cater to the audience. If you ignore Social Media etiquette, you might as well kiss your business good-bye now. Social Media is predominately word of mouth promoting, or more specifically, sharing, re-tweeting, etc. This is called “Earned Traffic”. You either earn it or you don’t. Engaging with your audience is key to this type of market. It is best not to push your products or your company as the audience is very savvy about being “sold to”. Instead, be truly engaged and offer help only when the opportunity presents itself. If people find your comments and engagements worthwhile, they will “like” your page and “share” that content with others. Pictures are always good, if done well. Short videos are a hit, and small content is best. Always have your audience in mind. You are here to help, not push your product. Twitter is a good place to launching a social media campaign when the time is right and after you have built up a good Facebook following. Tweeting a funny or pertinent picture can bring a lot of leads to your business. Email Marketing is a very powerful and effective way to reach a wider audience to get your message to those who are ready to “hear” it. The last thing you want is to be labelled a “spammer”. Be real, be genuine, be respectful. Many newbies believe that more is better. This is completely contrary to the truth. You may get blocked when more than 1:1000 recipients report you as spam. You must engage your audience with your content. Make a positive impact, this is critical. Always think, “How can I help my audience” and you will come out ahead. We are here to serve! Make sure you use clean lists. If you buy lists, make sure you know the source. Ask the hard questions. Fake addresses or addresses without permission are red flagged. Build your own list composed of real prospects who have given you permission to send them information. Some helpful hints to avoid being flagged: Find another term for “money” Remove excess exclamation points Toning down content Send only relevant messages Use a clear identification of email address Craft engaging subject lines A consistent volume of 30,000 email or higher per month enables ISP’s to recognize you as legitimate. If this is not possible yet, then use recognizable services such as Get Response to help pave the way for you The best part of Social Media Marketing is that you don’t have to become proficient on every site out there.

Focus on one or two and become well acquainted with the etiquette and you will be far ahead of the game. I have been fortunate that even though I made my share of blunders on Social Media, I have been able to generate sales anyway. The key to all this is truly focusing on the people with whom I am engaged and truly caring about solving their problems. No matter how wonderful I think my products are, it doesn’t mean squat if the person does not feel cared for first. This is true for any product and any business. Come on over for a visit and we can chat more, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and what has worked for you. I would love to hear your advice on what to avoid as well.

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