Add Emotional Benefits To Your Intellectual Marketing Message

Just about every marketer, copywriter and SBO (Small Business Owner) is aware that there are two psychological approaches to marketing: the fact-based Intellectual approach and the experience-based Emotional approach. Today we’re going to concentrate on the Intellectual approach because, 1) it is most often misunderstood and, 2) many small B2B businesses rely heavily on it. When you market office machines and products, tools, work clothes, office cleaning and landscaping, even online copywriting services you are probably using an intellectual approach – that is, here are some problems you may have that using my product can fix and here are some meaningful benefits you get when you buy my product. Some examples of benefits:

Save Time Save Money Make More Sales Retain Great Employees Safeguard Your Information Deal With Confusing Government Regulations If you’re emphasizing benefits like these, you’re off to a great start. Business people (your prospects and customers) are a savvy lot. They love factual information that can help them run their business better, smarter, and more profitably. But there is often more than nuts-and-bolts facts to creating a desire for your product. I am suggesting you think about adding a bit of Emotion to you marketing message. “Well, how do I do that? B2B sales are supposed to be fact-based. I know that because I read your article, Is Your Product Sold With Emotion Or Intellect?” Features And Benefits Let’s consider this the next step in adding another level of desire to your benefit message. Say you’re selling business printers and you’re promoting a wonderful model that can produce 62 color sheets per minute when the average printer in its price range produces only about 40. That’s a Factual Feature giving a Factual Benefit: Factual Feature: “XYZ prints 62 color pages per minute” Factual Benefit: “It gets the job done faster” Now, we all understand that this is a terrific feature/benefit selling point. But let’s take the added step of incorporating into your message another benefit – this time an emotional one: Emotional Benefit: “So you get home in time for dinner” This statement could be the one that sways some prospects to buy your printer. There’s no negative to it that would be an obstacle to purchase. It doesn’t cost more to add those eight additional words. So why not talk to the heart as well as to the head?

Give it some thought and those thoughts might well turn into additional sales. Good luck! More Marketing Copywriting And Branding Advice For over 30 years I have been a freelance copywriter, giving branding advice to many businesses. Thanks to the Internet, I can now offer online copywriting services nationwide. I love sharing my marketing tips, insights and secrets. Interested in learning more valuable stuff that could help improve your marketing life? Go to

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