What Microbrewery Equipment You May Need for Your Home-Brewing Business

Many people choose to enjoy home-brewing to have an ethnic taste of the bar. Some may also consider starting their own business considering the passion and love they have for home-brewing. Generally, a microbrewery does not need to have the same tool that a large-scale craft brewery does.

Apart from having some proven recipes in hand, investing in microbrewery equipment is something you would need to start a brewing business. Other tools that are needed together to keep going uninterrupted along your business may look like the below:

  1. Mash System

This includes an electric steam generator, lauter tun, malt mill machine, plate heat exchanger, wort pump, and a mash tank. Some of these tools allow you to produce about 1000 liters of beer per batch.

  1. Fermentation Systems

Equipment like fermentation tank, cooling pump, and others are required to manage the fermentation process with the beer. While this comes as one of the most time-consuming elements of brewing, it’s vital to set up and prepare the equipment to monitor your beer’s progress.

  1. Cooling system

Available in a large liquid tank and a refrigeration machine, a cooling system is an important tool that you will need to cool down your beer for preventing bacteria growth and storing them for sale.

  1. Filter Systems

Known as important microbrewery equipment, filter systems comprise a filter pump and a filter Diamite tank. These tools help eliminate any sediment and produce better quality microbrew.

  1. Controls

During a micro-brewing process, you will usually need to set up controls for refrigerators, PLC controls, and a master controlling board for each electronic and pump. Mainly, these tools work as safety measures during halt production and prevent accidents whilst you are maintaining control over many liters of beer.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitation

You will also need a large-scale tank to house your sterilization solution, washing pump, and an alkali liquor tank. These tools sanitize all of the machinery and other tanks allowing you to produce many batches of beer.