An Overview Of Smsts Courses

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations that came into effect in 2007 have brought about many legislation changes in the construction industry. These changes have made it mandatory for all construction workers to be aware of health and safety issues that affect them. To this end, SMSTS courses have become vital for all construction workers. These courses are especially designed for construction site managers, agents and persons who are, or likely to be in the near future, responsible for managing, organizing and administering groups of staff and workforce. What is the objective of this course?

The objectives of SMSTS courses for site managers are threefold. * To manage the safety and health at construction site as per the provisions of the current law, and within the gambit of their supervisory or management role * To acknowledge that safe working conditions at site are a necessity with regard to efficiency, productivity and economy * To develop a perception of responsibilities accountability for safety and health at site At the end of the training, the participants will be able to implement all health, safety and welfare legislation that affect them in their day-to-day working, implement best industry practices and state their duties with regard to health and safety. What Does The Course Cover? SMSTS courses broadly cover the following: * CDM regulations 2007 * Construction site set-up * Assessment of risks * The Health and Safety at Work Act * Method Statements * Safe working at height including scaffolding * Demolition methods * Excavations * Good and accepted working practices in the construction environment Job hazard analysis and proper work procedures play a very important role as far as safety is concerned. The dynamics and complexity of today’s construction sites have come to stay and so has the safety hazards. Though site activities are largely well-planned by managers and properly executed by skilled workers, safety requirements, more often than not, are breached due to complacency and over zealousness. This puts utmost importance on the need to put in place adequate industrial safety clauses for implementation, and ensuring administrative control of construction activities through proper work procedures. SMSTS courses are continually updated on the most modern methods of safe working so that participants do not miss any key issues. Awareness Of Job Hazards The objective of SMSTS Training is to make the participant constantly aware of various job hazards at construction sites. Here is an example of what kind of disorders certain tasks can lead to. As per a survey at a construction site, nearly sixty percent of workers admitted having to perform repetitive movements of their hands and arms, while a quarter stated that they were exposed to machinery vibrations that caused numerous discomforts. The effect of such activity was increased occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders among workers. The main risk factors that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders include: * Awkward body postures * Repetitive work

* Vibration from hand tools * Contact stress form tolls and sharp objects Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative to adopt good practices in construction that mitigate the risks that lead to musculoskeletal disorders. This is just one example where SMSTS Courses help in creating awareness among participants of the construction workplace system and how it can be improved to manage health and safety at site.

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