Tips on Saving Cost on Toner Cartridges

As soon as you buy a laser printer, the most expensive part of it is the toner of the printer. Replacing a toner cartridge is an expensive affair and can lead to financial burdens of the finance department of the company. Hence the person who is in charge of taking care of the printer and printer supplies should follow certain tips to ensure that they can save cost on the toner. Informed Purchases

Laser printers have variety of uses. You need to do your internal homework as to what is the actual purpose of the printer for which you require the cartridge. Is it required for just draft printing or is it required for final printing. As per the requirement, you can order the cartridge. Buy remanufactured cartridge OEM cartridges without any doubt give a very good quality printing; however, it comes with high cost as well. It is always wise to order for remanufactured cartridge which will give you good quality printing as well as will be easy on your pockets too. Buy a toner refill kit With the help of a toner refill kit, you can refill your toner cartridge atleast thrice before you need to replace the same. The kit comes with proper instructions which are easy to follow. The whole process does not require any expert and can be done in maximum of ten minutes. Using a toner refill kit will bring down your overall cost on the cartridges. Bulk buying It is wise to go for bulk buying and get bulk discounts, this will off course save your cost. However, do not over buy the cartridges. Keeping the cartridges unused for a long time can also lead to drying of the same. Hence, buy as per your requirements. Research before you purchase Do not buy the cartridges from the first company you come across. Always compare the cost of few cartridges and then make your final decision. Also, it is wise to have a contract with one reliable supplier. This will not only entitle you to get discounts, loyalty schemes but also you might get a credit period as well. Also, having a contract with one supplier strengthens the relationship and trust. Time to replace your cartridge You should know the right time to replace your cartridge. Do not replace your cartridge as soon as you see a first streak on the paper. However, as you see some streaks on paper remove the cartridge shake it well and place it back again. By doing, this you can still print few more pages. This happens because generally, ten percent of the toner ink remains intact and shaking it helps it move and effect on the printer.

Separate drums It is wise to do some research on the product you need to buy regularly. You should always opt for a toner cartridge with separate drum. If your printer supports the separation of drums and cartridge in separate units then it is always wise to buy a cartridge with a separate drum. This is because drum will print over twenty thousand pages and the toner cartridge in the same unit will yield almost three thousand pages. If you will follow these simple tips then your cost on the laser printer will come down drastically and it will fit your pockets as well.

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